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CFR Vigo Final Reflections


Once the project is finished and looking back at the work we did, we can conclude that it has been worth it. After the first year of sharing research, concepts, ideas and good practices, all partners managed to agree on consensual language and content for the curriculum. 

Global Reset – A Call to Standing Together – By Helene Guldborg


While the coronavirus epidemic is putting our lives in turmoil across the world and turning our societies unrecognisable over night with limited mobility; empty streets, schools and airports; lockdown of countries; restrictions on our social pursuits and freedoms and militant directives on social distancing in order to urgently diminish its spread, it might just also provide a necessary reset and (ironically) connect us closer together.

Look at the Bright Side of the Coronavirus III – By Garba Diallo, Director of Crossing Borders


That most countries, including the most advanced ones, are ill-prepared for the sudden COVID 19 outbreak proves that the world has not invested in where it matters the most: relevant education, public health, decentralized provision of vital goods and services. The result is the panic and uncoordinated and fragmented responses we witness right now.