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CFR Vigo Final Reflections

Once the project is finished and looking back at the work we did, we can conclude that it has been worth it. After the first year of sharing research, concepts, ideas and good practices, all partners managed to agree on consensual language and content for the curriculum. 

In the second year we focused on the development of the curriculum creating an interactive Metro Map covering all the lines according to the different backgrounds of our partner organizations:  storytelling for wellbeing, collective storytelling, storytelling for teachers and activists.


The most relevant outputs are the

  • creation of a curriculum of ‘Digital Storytelling’ both for formal and informal education 
  • a guide for the integration of this model in the formal educational curriculum 
  • a model in blended learning for content creation 
  • and policy recommendations for its practical use in different contexts.


Particularly, CFR Vigo, as a training centre for teachers, has been enriched with a wider training offer. Thus, we can present innovative digital and methodological resources, open to teachers so that they can implement them easily and autonomously in class. What is more, our participation in this project has favoured the visibility of our centre in Europe.

We deeply believe in the potential of this method as a tool for our students’ content creations in any area and level of the Spanish formal curriculum, enhancing the development of European civic and social values, key competences, ethics, critical thinking and empathy.

In spite of the fact that the project was hit by the Covid pandemic, which first was seen as a big problem for the achievement of our goals, it actually helped us to be open to new and unique opportunities. The most relevant have been : 

  • the improvement of digital skills for collaboration of all the partners, which encouraged our work
  • the adaptation of the three Labs to a virtual context, which opened them to a wider audience and more stakeholders in Europe
  • the adaptation of the curriculum to a blended learning context


We could end by saying that the silver lining of this pandemic-hit project was the Eurospectives team's capacity to overcome adversity, be flexible to adapt to new challenges and finally deliver a quality project that we are proud of.


Conchi Pazos Oya      CFR Vigo