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Last Project Meeting

Today we had our last project meeting for Eurospectives 2.0.

The project started in 2018 bringing together different partners from Italy, Greece, Spain, Germany, Denmark and the UK to explore ways to use Digital Storytelling in non-formal and formal education. Activists, community facilitators, teachers and educators, creative practitioners and NGO’s, worked together testing out different methods, approaches and digital tools to produce a new curriculum with Digital Storytelling as its main focus.

At the start of this project the world was quite a different place. With the onslaught of Covid 19 we found that we had to rely on digital tools to ensure that we were able to continue to co-create and collaborate, and with some adaptations we succeeded. Also, with the UK leaving the EU, collaboration with our European partners was even more important, making the project even more crucial and relevant.

The curriculum covers, Storytelling for Wellbeing, Collective Storytelling, Storytelling for Teachers and Storytelling for Activists. We hope that this curriculum will be a guide for facilitators, teachers and trainers to champion Digital Storytelling and to encourage people to find ways to tell their own stories.

Over this last year people’s well-being has been tested and many people are suffering. With countries clamping down on democratic rights it is crucial that citizens are able to discover ways to become resolute and actively participate in positive change from the ground up.

If ever there has been a time to use digital storytelling to create positive social change, then the time is now, and here we have a useful tool that can support people to become storytellers for positive change.


Kath Peters - PVM’s Project lead for Eurospectives 2.0