Eurospectives 2.0: Digital Storytelling

A project that combines the art of telling stories with the use of a variety of multimedia tools

Eurospectives 2.0 stands for encouraging European learners in telling their stories and their perspectives as active citizens. As a spin-off of the strategic partnership, "Digital Natives", the partnership identifies good practices and lifelong approaches in digital learning and digital storytelling.

The project aims to enhance the quality and relevance of the digital learning offer in education and youth work by developing innovative approaches and dissemination of best practices in the assessment of digital skills.

The approach will enable unskilled learners to share their stories, make their voices heard, and participate as active European citizens.

The partnership is made up of partners from across several European countries including Germany, the UK, Spain, Greece, Italy and Denmark. It is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.