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Digital Storytelling

The EUROSPECTIVES 2.0 "digital storytelling" project combines the art of telling stories with the use of a variety of multimedia tools including graphics, audio, video,  animation, and Web publishing. 

Digital Storytelling is a way to participate, engage and empower learners and teachers. By telling and sharing stories, individuals can interact and change their everyday environment directly, fostering their feeling of public ownership and citizenship.

The process builds on the creative talents of learners which will begin to:

  • research and tell stories of their own.
  • become fact checkers by learning to use the library and the Internet to research.
  • become Community Reporters by analyzing and synthesizing a wide range of content and sharing it.
  • develop their communication skills by learning to organize their ideas.
  • ask questions, express opinions, and construct narratives.

Digital Storytelling appeals to learners with diverse learning styles and foster collaboration, enhancing the learning experience through ownership and accomplishment.Meetingtraining