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Athens TNP Meeting


Just before a worldwide lockdown and the unprecedented restrictions on travelling due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Eurospectives 2.0 project partners managed to host a rather fruitful project meeting in Athens.

TNP Meeting in Liverpool


Back in September, People’s Voice Media had the pleasure of hosting a meeting with the transnational partners currently collaborating on the Eurospectives project. We joint with representatives from different community organisations and social enterprises spanning from across Europe including Agora Koln, CRN, Crossing Borders, buM, COSU, EA and CRF Vigo. The meeting took place at The Quaker Meeting House in Liverpool and proved to be an exciting and informative couple of days.

TNP Meeting Vigo


On June 12th and 13th the third transnational project meeting took place in Vigo hosted by the CFR centre. The CFR is the organization that organizes and runs professional development activities for trainee and experienced teachers (workshops, courses, etc.).

TNP Meeting Milan


An incredible experience of brainstorming and connection: the second partnership meeting led our work to a new level, getting to the heart of the different components of the Eurospectives 2.0 project, sharing views and methodologies on digitalization and storytelling.

Kick Off Meeting


The First Transnational meeting of the project Digital storytelling curricula for participation and citizenship EUROSPECTIVES 2.0 (KA204-2018-002) was in Copenhagen, Denmark from the 19th till 20th of December 2018 under the Erasmus+ Adult Education Partnership.