TNP Meeting Milan

An incredible experience of brainstorming and connection: the second partnership meeting led our work to a new level, getting to the heart of the different components of the Eurospectives 2.0 project, sharing views and methodologies on digitalization and storytelling.


Last February 27th and 28th, COSV hosted partners from all over Europe in Milan: two days to discuss about evaluation, impact, education, dissemination.

We want to evaluate and share our best practices on digitalization and storytelling, create and disseminate a usable knowledge, seeking positive change, a social impact.

For us, digital storytelling, in fact, is an innovative set of tools, with a great social potential.

Information, data literacy, multimedia editing, communication: storytelling requires a technical knowledge that we want to test and share with European citizens, to let them collect and share the stories of their communities, making their voice heard, through original and effective means and channels.

Our challenge now is to deploy all the knowledge that we have, share our best practices with the partnership, be ready to call into question our work to analyze and improve it, at the light of the evaluation tools of the project. We will then use those learnings to set up learning curricula, aiming at spreading our knowledge and expertise on digital storytelling in formal and non-formal education contexts. Stay tuned!