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COSV is a non-profit association founded in 1968, with headquarters in Milan and engaged in development projects in Europe, Balkans, Southern Africa and Middle East. COSV operates for peace, human rights respect and environment protection, through inclusive development paths built on partnership and networking approach, to enhance local realities and create a proven long-lasting impact.

The work of the organization is inspired by the "culture of cooperation" understood as solidarity between communities and it’s oriented to the reconstruction of share capital and to the establishment of strong relations, to sustain important political and economic transformations underlying progress.

The program undertaken by COSV in recent years consists of several deeply connected projects that put their roots down in the "sustainable community approach", that consists in supporting local partners (public or private) and creating multi-stakeholder networks, involving communities in innovative and inclusive development paths, promoting multiculturalism and dialogue. In line with the perspectives of integration, dialogue and cooperation of the European Union, COSV works on a pan-european scale to contribute to the sharing of competences and methodologies, for the growth and the development of a positive social impact.