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Agora Köln

Agora Köln is a wide, diverse and local non-profit organisation, which is legally represented by Institut Cultura 1 e.V.. Agora Köln is engaged in the movement for a sustainable city of Cologne. It aims for a good, social, equitable and environmental friendly lifestyle in the sense of ‘buen vivir’ and forms an innovative alliance among of about 130 players in the area of sustainability, civil society, culture and regional economy.

The main goal of Agora Köln is the stepwise transition of Cologne into a sustainable city. The transition process is mainly initiated by the “Tag des guten Lebens” - Day of Good Living -, which is a car free Sunday and alternative street festival. The Day of Good Living gives birth of new ideas for a sustainable neighbourhood, neighbours are connected and provides a platform for local initiatives.

In the follow up of the ‘Day of Good Living’ neighbourhood meetings pick up innovative ideas that can lead to lighthouse projects. Agora Köln sets up concepts like the concept for  “Sternplatz Sülz“ or “Boulevard Ehrenfeld” to convince politics for realisation. Together with local partners and citizens, Agora Köln works on key topics like sustainable transport systems and an edible city. This leads to action plans to be realised in future. Furthermore, Agora Köln produces factsheets, runs citizen workshops and organises demonstrations and other meetings with relevant topics. Therefore Agora Köln provides a platform for sustainable activities within Cologne and beyond