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Comparative Research Network e.V.

Comparative Research Network ( is a Europe-wide network of trainers, researchers, learners and activists, founded in 2007. Our Network is specialized in training and research within the fields of intercultural competences, intergenerational learning, mobilities, migration, citizen participation, urban diversity.

Additionally, CRN is specialised in creating and performing evaluation and dissemination processes. CRN lately gained through various projects both as coordinator and participant expertise in game design in education, storytelling and community reporting, where the network is currently carrying out training for several target groups. CRN is active in transnational education and research projects covering a large number of countries, within an beyond Europe, but we are also engaged in the support of local participatory processes on the neighbourhood level. CRN Participatory Lab and CRN Peacebuilding programme represent a transversal organisaiton of our different activities.