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CFR VIGO Galicia

CFR Vigo is a public centre for teachers’ continuing education in Vigo, Spain. The centre is part of the autonomical network  of teachers’ centres sustained by the Consellería de Educación(CEUFP), Xunta de Galicia (the Galician Regional Government). CFR Vigo supports 286 schools from all pre-university levels : preschool, primary, secondary and high-school and VET in the south of Galicia.

Our main goal is to meet the needs of teachers from state schools with students whose ages range from 3 to adults of non university levels. As a team we are all committed to a shared purpose of improving our teachers’ lifelong skills  and we have a wide set of responsibilities such as:

- Identifying methodogical needs and providing with guidance and training.
- Managing training courses on a wide variety of curricular areas.
- Visiting schools and acting on their demands of training through the  implementation of strategies to improve the schools’ learning environments.
- Detecting good practices and disseminating them through virtual spaces and the organization of regional training events.
- Being updated in order to spread innovation in any educational field.

We are aware of the paradigmatic shift of teaching in 21st century so our priorities are:                            
- Foster an active and collaborative methodogical approach to increase engagement from the teachers‘ part.
- Encourage teachers to involve students‘ in PBL methodologies making use of the possibilities that current technology can offer.
- Promote Intercultural competency and global understanding through the adquisition of a foreign language.
- Model good practice in promoting diversity and inclusion in schools.