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A’bientot Eurospectives 2.0 Team

A’bientot Eurospectives 2.0 Team

It was quite sad today to finish a week of inspiring training, that sees the end of a longstanding Erasmus plus project with European partners from Germany, Denmark, Italy, Greece and Spain.

This week’s training ‘Digital Storytelling for Formal and Non-formal Education’ brought together different activists, community facilitators, creative practitioners, NGO’s, educators and teachers from different the countries to test out methods, approaches and digital tools that will be included in a new curriculum.

The project called Eurospectives 2.0 started in 2018, and back then we could never have foreseen how much we would need to rely on digital tools to ensure that we were able to continue to co-create and collaborate, and to design and create this exciting new curriculum. Who knew then that we would become Zoom aficionados and Miro- board experts?

The training covered; ethics of responsible storytelling, exploring different narratives, the art of listening with empathy interviewing, stories for wellbeing, icebreakers for online workshops, storytelling and changemaking, creating impact through stories. Each session was well delivered with expertise and knowledge relevant to the subject area. We also looked at and tried and tested different digital platforms, software and tools that can be used in the classroom and in community settings.

But I shall say A’beintot (which means sees you soon and thanks for your encouragement) because hopefully we will be able to meet up again in person, in the not-so-distant future, somewhere in a European city to celebrate our achievement with a wonderful German beer or a delicious glass of Riojca.

Kath Peters PVM Eurospectives Project Lead