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Eurospectives 2.0: Digital Storytelling

A project that combines the art of telling stories with the use of a variety of multimedia tools

The Eurospectives 2.0 consortium has created an online curriculum and an e-handbook for ‘Digital Storytelling for Non-Formal and Formal Education.

This curriculum is multimodule and is aimed at trainers, educators, teachers, facilitators and activists working in non-formal education, civic participation, and formal education.

Please see link here to download the ebook.

Learning from the project has resulted in a series of policy recommendations which can be used as a way to implement digital storytelling as a method for teaching 21st century digital literacy.

See below.

You can download the policy briefings

  1. Eurospectives - Community Development & Civic Participation Policy Briefing
  2. Eurospectives - Formal Education Settings Policy Briefing
  3. Eurospectives - Informal & Community Education Policy Briefing